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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jofrog is Knitfrog!

Jofrog is Knitfrog!: " made these two little guys from the 'Magic Friends' pattern from Idle Hands. Apparently it is in the Knitter's Stash book as well. They were one of the most fun little projects I've done and so quick! I used Funny for both of them and usually you'll only need one ball, (although check to make sure that there is enough yardage, they need 65 yards, and depending on the type of funny you may need more than one, the bear actually broke into a second because it only had 61 yards on it! What a pain!)"

What great looking bears! I really can't wait to download the pattern and begin making a bear for my grandchildren. It is amazing that it takes so little yardage and comes out so, so cute.

Crochet World

Crochet World

Antique crochet patterns are usually quite interesting. I find that they are fun to follow and I can get a more Victorian crocheted look than I can get from more modern crochet patterns.

Hand Painted

Hand Painted: "Hand Painted Yarn Balls: Roll the Skein into a ball before using to keep tangles out of yarn. This will put Stress on the yarn and could take the bounce out of the yarn if left too long in a yarn ball.
Hand Painted Cones for Yarn: Weavers and Machine knitters love these. They are a great way to get a lot of yardage in one space. "

Hand painted yarn is so beautiful. You get a variety of shades and colors that are unusual. I find that they often knit up successfully.

Crochet Flower

Crochet Flower: "Crochet Flower Yarn / Crochet Discounts

According to American crochet expert and world traveler Annie Potter, 'The modern art of true crochet as we know it today was developed during the 16th century. It became known as 'crochet lace' in France and 'chain lace' in England.' And, she tells us, in 1916 Walter Edmund Roth visited descendants of the Guiana Indians and found examples of true crochet. "

What a great looking crocheted flower. It seems as if the crochet or knitted flower will be a hot fashion accessory this spring.