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Saturday, March 19, 2005


amimono: "I wanted to do a test run of my ability to design a custom-fit glove. The Winter IK from last year has a good article on the process, so I'm testing it out with stash yarn. (Which, by the way, was kindly given to me by Maureen...she RAOK'd me months ago with this, while it looked like I was still aiming to be a sock knitter. Then, all at once, I got totally bored with socks. But see! It's not going to waste!) I have to say, I loved how the first color stripe on the first finger fell right over my knuckle, then the second became the tip! I duplicated the trick by starting the second finger partway into the faux-fair isle print section instead of with the bit of blue I had left after finishing finger #1, and I plan to do them all that way now. These shouldn't take me long to finish, I only started this one at about 11pm last night. Suddenly I see all these different gloves in my head that I need to design..."